Steril Screen – Decontaminant wipe

SterilScreen™ – Alcohol-free decontaminant wipe

SterilScreen™ is a double alcohol-free wipe for cleaning and disinfecting sensitive surfaces such as LCD screens, touch screens and monitors.

SterilScreen™ consists of two wipes: one moistened with PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide), Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohols, C9-11 and ethoxylates, with a bactericidal and fungicidal activity; while the second one is a dry wipe used to remove any residual solution. Both wipes are treated with gamma irradiation to ensure their sterility.

Steril Screen™ is a double detergent and decontaminant wipes set for non invasive medical instruments, consistent in size and comfortable to use, in two application steps:

1) The first wipe, soaked with a polyhexamethylene biguanide, Benzalkonium Chloride and Didecyl-dimetyl ammonium chloride solution is the detergent and decontaminant;
2) The second wipe which is not soaked is to be used to dry the surface after use.

An accurate decontamination is often compromised or thwarted as it is impossible to treat the sensitive devices present in the environment. It is well known that screens, ultrasound scanning probes, glasses, computers, integrated communication devices to DM, LCD, monitors of many different medical diagnostic devices, rehab med devices and any other extremely delicate devices in contact with disinfectant substances lead to an easy aging and frequently to irreversible damages. Being such devices a vehicle of pathogens, Biodisin srl supplemented its PoliDisin™ and PoliSteril™ kits with a missing tool: SterilScreen™.

The above-mentioned devices, if not constantly cleaned, involuntarily spread infections due to the contact with immunocompromised patients, or due to the presence of pathogens in the deposited infected dust. As to better understand the importance of SterilScreen™, it is enough to mention recent studies documenting that infecting objects generate a pathogen spreading in the environment up to 50 cm from the original source.

The product is alcohol-free. It does ask for a long-lasting drying, therefore any sachet holding a disposable decontaminating wipe is supplemented with a post-treatment drying wipe holding a sanitized wipe under gamma rays.

Sanitization under gamma rays is a further quality guarantee, as the original pathogen load in the raw material is cut to the bare minimum and the wipe destined to drying does not compromise the decontamination process of the detergent-decontaminating solution the wet wipe is soaked with.

The main fields of application are:


SterilScreenTM can be easily used in hospitals to clean and decontaminate any DM marked devices using LDC monitors and which are located in critical areas, such as surgeries. Probe handpieces as well can be cleaned with SterilScreenTM before being reused, offering the best possible hygiene guarantee for the patient.

Dental sector

In the dental sector as well, the SterilScreenTM wipes can be used as detergents and decontaminants for dental chairs, lamps and non invasive diagnostic equipment as well.


Glasses whatever their use can be decontaminated with the wipes besides a deep cleaning as well is possible for all non invasive DM, which are used by patients, no longer hospitalized but home cared, such as bed rails, lifters, wheelchairs and similar.

Rehab centres and nursing homes

Any aid used by handicapped people, present in rehab centres can be sterilized with SterilScreenTM. In nursing homes, there are all the non invasive DM used by elderly people, often not self-sufficient as supporting aids or handles, walker frames and crutches.

A sachet holding a single decontaminating disposable wipe supplemented with another wipe treated under gamma rays to dry after the disinfection.

Application mode:

  • Open the sachet and remove the detergent-decontaminant wipe
  • Use the wipe on the area to be treated
  • Leave on
  • Do not rinse
  • Remove the other wipe from the sachet, to dry after the decontamination
  • Use on the treated DM surface to dry it



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