Biodisin™: technological innovation for the containment and the abatement of the infections

Biodisin™ is an international reference point in the field of the high disinfection of air and surfaces and surgical instruments. Our constant efforts have gained us prestigious references. Our products are currently employed in over 140 hospitals and other medical facilities in Italy and abroad and we have been commissioned by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the design, manufacture and testing of the BSL4 (Biosafety Level 4) sterilisation unit of the IRCCS Spallanzani of Rome, one of the 18 currently active BSL4 facilities in the world and the only one in Italy.

Biodisin™ provides specific, concrete solutions for bio-contamination issues, complying with the highest hygiene and safety measures and protecting people’s health.

Our products are exclusive and manufactured by us. They aim at revolutionizing the concept of disinfection by guaranteeing the utmost non-toxicity and efficacy while at the same time activating huge economies of scale. The effectiveness of the active ingredients employed can be demonstrated with over 1000 tests performed by important international laboratories.

The flagship product of the company is the MikroAir™ kit for the disinfection of air and surfaces: a dry micronisator device, combined with the disinfectant PoliDisin™, whose active ingredient has been tested for its high virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal efficacy, has been proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 in just 60 seconds.

Innovation, quality, research & development, care for the environment and for the people are the pillars on which our company’s mission is based.

The company also offers a training and assistance service with qualified personnel.

In addition to healthcare and hospitals, our products are employed in different fields such as: communities, food processing and pharmaceutical industries, transport.

Biodisin™ is UNI ISO 13845 and UNI ISO 9001 certified.


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