Biodisin: technological innovation for the containment and the abatement of the infections


Biodisin is an international reference point in the sector of high disinfection of surfaces and air and surgical instruments, exploiting the skills acquired after a long single-issue experience in the sector, leading it to have prestigious references in the market: 140 hospitals as well as the Presidency of the Cabinet. By the Italian government, the company was commissioned for the design, manufacture and testing of IRCCS Spallanzani of Rome bioterrorism SARS, BSL4 (Biosafety Level 4), one of the 18 existing BSL4 hospitals in the world and the only one in Italy.

Biodisin is able to offer the best solutions for biocontamination problems, in order to prevent and protect the health of people, including direct users.

The disinfectant products are today all exclusive of their own production and revolutionize the concept of disinfection, activating enormous savings in scale, guaranteeing maximum non-toxicity and very high biocidal efficacy, using effective active ingredients that can be demonstrated with over 1000 tests from important international laboratories.

Innovation, quality, scientific research, attention to the environment and to the person are the fundamental concepts on which the corporate manifesto is based.

The company also associates a coaching and training service with qualified personnel. The sectors concerned, in addition to healthcare and hospitals, are: communities, food processing, industries, transport.

Biodisin is UNI ISO 13845 certified.

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