Product for the enzyme cleansing of instruments Ask for an estimate DescriptionApplicationsOperating InstructionsDownloadDescription TriEnzym is a proteolytic enzyme detergent destined to cleaning and cleansing, used in ultra-sound basins or for a manual washing. The product is poorly or not foaming and it exhibits a high emulsifying and dispersing power, providing for the starch, protein residue and [...]
Ask for an estimate DescriptionApplicationsOperating InstructionsDownloadDescription Mainly developed as to provide for a wide spectrum rapid decontamination from viruses, mycobacteria, yeasts and bacterial spores, Rely+ OnTM PeraSafeTM, with its system optimisation as to inhibit corrosion and with a almost neutral pH, it is the most suitable solution to disinfect endoscopes, invasive probes besides any other re-usable [...]
Peracetic acid-based disinfectant with hexamidine diisethionate for invasive and non invasive instruments High-level Class IIb sporicidal disinfectant, specially developed for treating heat-sensitive medical devices (such as endoscopes, transesophageal probes, etc.), fiber optics and other invasive and non-invasive medical devices. This device is available in three versions: PerActionTM Two-components Concentrated product - The solution lasts for [...]
Disinfectant powder for the high disinfection of invasive and non-invasive instruments, based on hexamidine diisethionate, sodium percarbonate and TAED Biodisin™ S.r.l has created PoliSteril™ for the high-level disinfection of invasive and non-invasive surgical instruments. The process is based on the synergy between hexamidine diisethionate and peracetic acid that is released when the powder is reconstituted [...]


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