PoliSteril™ – High-level disinfectant for instruments

Disinfectant powder for the high disinfection of invasive and non-invasive instruments, based on hexamidine diisethionate, sodium percarbonate and TAED

Biodisin™ S.r.l has created PoliSteril™ for the high-level disinfection of invasive and non-invasive surgical instruments. The process is based on the synergy between hexamidine diisethionate and peracetic acid that is released when the powder is reconstituted in water thanks to the presence of Sodium Percarbonate and TAED.

PoliSteril™ is a broad spectrum, sporicidal disinfectant.

This formulation consists of an innovative approach compared to the classic concept of disinfection whose effectiveness, demonstrated by laboratory tests, is also reflected in the field of application; all while maintaining high tolerability and excellent material compatibility.

PoliSteril™ is available in 4 sizes:

– 750g jar (for 50 liters)

– 75g jar (for 5 liters)

– 45g jar (for 3 liters)

– single-dose of 15g (for 1 liter)

Specifically, the practicality of the single-dose format facilitates the reconstitution of half a liter of disinfectant solution and its distribution to users.

PoliSteril™ 750

750g jar (for 50 liters)

PoliSteril™ 75

75g jar (for 5 liters)

PoliSteril™ 45

45g jar (for 3 liters)

PoliSteril™ One Step

Single-dose of 15g (for 1 liter)


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