PoliSteril™ – High-level disinfectant for surgical instruments

Disinfectant powder for the high disinfection of invasive and non-invasive instruments, based on hexamidine diisethionate, sodium percarbonate and TAED


PoliSteril ™ is a high-level powder disinfectant to be reconstituted at 1.5%, for the treatment of invasive and non-invasive surgical instruments, indicated for the treatment of heat-sensitive fiber optic instruments, surgical probes, instruments and invasive medical devices.

The disinfectant is based on hexamidine diisethionate, sodium percarbonate and TAED. The peracetic acid that develops in situ at the time of reconstitution, from the combined action of sodium percarbonate and TAED, acts in synergy with hexamidine diisethionate. The activation occurred at the time of reconstitution of PoliSteril™ is easily verifiable by the achievement of the blue-green color of the solution. The progressive fading of the color does not correspond to a decrease in efficacy.

PoliSteril™, thanks to the presence of a surfactant in the formulation, guarantees a detergent action, allowing to carry out a detersion and disinfection in a single step. The reconstitution is not dangerous and it allows the operators to work safely and to be able to dispose of the exhausted solution in the sewer system. The high biocidal power released by the synergy of the active ingredients guarantees the product a broad spectrum of bactericidal (EN 14561), fungicidal (EN 14562), virucidal, mycobactericidal (EN 14563) and sporicidal (EN 13704) action.

PoliSterilTM is destined to the top quality disinfection of medical invasive and non invasive instruments, surgical probes and devices.

The main application sectors are:

Health care

Hospitals and polyclinics, Surgeries, Diagnostic labs, Dental clinics.

The product can be applied in any critical ambience, where safety and efficiency are to be provided in case of any instrument decontamination in hospitals, hospices and lab.

Dental care

Dental clinics, dental cabinets, associated companies. Dental clinics and cabinets can profit from a effective solution to get rid of any possible contamination.

Reconstitute PoliSteril™ in tap water at 1.5% by dosing 15g of powder for each liter of solution to be developed. The solution becomes blue-green when activated, then the colour progressively disappears, while it remains effective for 24 hours.

The biocidal action is carried out by causing:

  • alterations of osmotic functions with consequent cell lysis;
  • oxidation of essential cell enzymes;
  • denaturation of proteins;
  • inactivation of catalysis.

Contact time: 10 minutes, fungicide in 15 minutes.

As to provide for the best infection control, solutions which are not used are always disposed of within 24 hours through the main sewage network.

To complete the disinfection of the probe handpieces or screens of the numerous electronic devices in the laboratories, we recommend the following accessories:

Manual Probe Washer

Container with two tubular polycarbonate compartments, one for disinfecting the probe, one for rinsing it. The capacity is approximately 3 lt per compartment. Different capacities are available upon request.

5 Lt instrument washer

Container with transparent lid, intended for immersion of surgical and dental instruments. Tank capacity: 5lt

Steril Screen

Practical and effective sanitizing wipes for sanitizing surfaces, even those sensitive to alcohol. Steril Screen is composed of a double cleaning and decontaminating wipe that is applied in two steps: one soaked in a solution based on PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide), Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohols, C9-11 and ethoxylates, with bactericidal and fungicidal power, the other dry, suitable for drying the surface after treatment.


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