PoliDisin™ – Product for the high disinfection of surfaces mainly made of povidone iodine and potassium peroxymonosulphate


Product for the high disinfection of surfaces mainly made of povidone iodine and potassium peroxymonosulphate.

Available in packs of 50 single-dose vials or in 1 kg jars of bulk product.



A new innovative powder formula with a high disinfectant power to be reconstituted in mains water, easy to store (1kg developing 100 litres) and use, as its action mechanism is accelerated by povidone-iodine and potassium peroxymonosulfate, making it effective in a few minutes.

Its active ingredient is activated by organic substances, therefore the 4-step process required by the applicable guidelines (1 cleansing/2 rinsing/3 disinfection/4 rinsing) is reduced to a single step, with a considerable saving of time.

In addition to its instructions for use, the package also contains a convenient 10g single-dose ampoule, so that the product can be easily reconstituted in its specific 1L PET container by filling it with mains water.



The reconstituted product (1%=10g/L) remains unchanged and can be used on any surface, as its compatibility with all materials is certified. PoliDisin™ allows you to use a single product, and therefore to simplify the activities to be carried out by the staff and reduce the possibility of human error, which is increased when using multiple products.



The scientific material of the active ingredient used for this high-level non-toxic broad spectrum disinfectant is compatible like no other similar product, despite its low intrinsic cost; moreover, the 4-step application procedure reduced to a single step makes PoliDisin™ more affordable than any other product on the international market.



PoliDisin™ is a Class 2A Medical Device (Ministry of Health Reg. Code 182212/R).

The effectiveness of its active ingredient is supported by over 200 reports and 1000 international tests.

Active against spores, viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as against antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Effective against SARS-CoV-2 in just 60 seconds (EPA certified).

Active ingredient recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to the different governments around the world, as a strategy for emergency infectious diseases, such Ebola, Avian Influenza, Swine Fever and SARS.

PoliDisin™ is an extremely reliable product, as its reddish purple colour changes only when the product is no longer effective, which does not happen with other disinfectants.

For the first time ever, BioDisin provides evidence of the effective results guaranteed by PoliDisin™.

Polidisin™ is a professional product for the cleaning and disinfection of air and surfaces, ideal for carrying out environmental sanitization operations, including all the necessary accessories for its reconstitution and application.

The characteristics of its composition, its microbial activity and the reactions developed within the solution ensure product efficacy with minimal toxicity to humans and the treated areas.

Based on its properties, the Ministry of Health has authorised the application of its active ingredient as a cleanser/disinfectant and anti-mould agent throughout the food supply chain and for disinfection of public and professional areas. PoliDisin™ has a broad spectrum of activity and is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) against particularly aggressive viruses and pathogens. Its formula contains a surfactant that combines the disinfectant activity and the detergent activity for a single step application.

PoliDisin™ exerts its high-level disinfection action in 15 minutes.

The reconstituted solution is effective for at least 5 days, as long as its pink colour – which makes the product self-testing – is preserved.

Its non-toxic and broad-spectrum one-step cleaning and disinfecting activity make PoliDisin™ a convenient product suitable for frequent use, which solves storage issues as you will no longer need several products, and ensures compatibility with all materials.

The potassium peroxymonosulphate and povidone-iodine solution is absolutely safe: once reconstituted, in fact, it is non-toxic. There are no exposure limits and there is no need to wear special personal protective equipment.

The solution reconstituted at 1% does not cause any serious environmental issue, and the exhausted reconstituted solution can be discharged to the sewage system as it is biodegradable.

Available in 1 kg jars with dispenser.

PoliDisin ONE STEP™ single-dose (10g) package contains 50 10g vials (for a total of 500g).

The single-dose format was developed to meet the market needs, such as better product preservation, correct dosage of the disinfectant powder per litre/solution with consequent reduction of any product waste.

Moreover, the transparent vials allows you to check if the powder is still effective or not: in fact, if the product pink colour fades, this means that the product is no longer effective (due to incorrect storage conditions or because the product has reached it expiration date).

PoliDisin™ finds application in all critical and semi-critical areas that require an adequate protocol for the prevention of nosocomial infections.

The main applications are:

Health care sector

Hospitals and polyclinics, Ambulances, Dental clinics, Obstetrics clinics, Dental labs, Scientific and clinical labs

The disinfectant PoliDisinTM  is a powder product to be reconstituted at the concentration of 1% in mains water.

Wipe the surface with the disinfectant soaked cloth, distributing the solution evenly, and leave it to act for 15 minutes.

The disinfectant is self-testing: the rose colouring of the solution proves the effectiveness of the product. When the bright pink begins to fade, it is necessary to replace the solution or, in any case, it is recommended to do so after 5 days from the first reconstitution.

It is recommended to wash the spray bottle well to remove any residue from the previous solution.



Active ingredients recommended by OMS and CDC

No incompatibility with detergents/disinfectants

Biofilm reduction

Over 200 publications and 1.000 tests

Powerful biocide in presence of organic substances

Fast action

Ease of use

Cost saving

Replaces multiple products


Pleasant aroma


Proven tolerability with all materials

Facilitated storage

Training courses available


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