MikroAir™ - Device for the dry micronization disinfection treatments Ask for an estimate DescriptionApplicationsOperating InstructionsDescription MikroAIR™ is an innovative device, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, carachterised by its compact dimension (484mm x 725mm) which allows exceptional manouverability. It has been designed to provide a solution to contamination issues in critical areas, allowing aerobic and [...]
Immediate test to check the surface cleaning conditions Ask for an estimate DecriptionDownloadDecription PiON Test is a simple and rapid way to accurately monitor the surface cleaning thus managing within the shorted time period, any safety procedure and disinfection control. The PiON Test in fact can detect possible residual proteins on the surface after the [...]
Ask for an estimate DescriptionApplicationsOperating InstructionsDownloadDescription In whatever place where the biological and environmental risk is constant, it is more and more important to pay attention to solutions to remove any pathogenic activity of microorganisms, human beings and the eco-system balance are exposed to. But any disinfection should be environmental-friendly and comply with any individual [...]
SterilScreen™ – Alcohol-free decontaminant wipe SterilScreen™ is a double alcohol-free wipe for cleaning and disinfecting sensitive surfaces such as LCD screens, touch screens and monitors. SterilScreen™ consists of two wipes: one moistened with PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide), Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohols, C9-11 and ethoxylates, with a bactericidal and fungicidal activity; while the second one is a [...]
PoliDisin™ - High-level disinfectant for air and surfaces based on potassium peroxymonosulphate and povidone-iodine Biodisin offers an innovative formula for environmental disinfection: PoliDisin™ is a high-level disinfectant, registered as a Medical Device (Reg. Min. Of Health Cod. 182212 / R), with a high biocidal power. It has a broad spectrum of action capable of breaking [...]


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