PoliDisin™- High-level disinfection for air and surfaces

PoliDisin™ – High-level disinfectant for air and surfaces based on potassium peroxymonosulphate and povidone-iodine


Biodisin offers an innovative formula for environmental disinfection: PoliDisin™ is a high-level disinfectant, registered as a Medical Device (Reg. Min. Of Health Cod. 182212 / R), with a high biocidal power.

It has a broad spectrum of action capable of breaking down spores, viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria. It is effective against antibiotic-resistant pathogens such as Klebsiella KPC, Legionella, Clostridium, etc. It is effective against SARS-Cov-2 (the virus that leads to Covid-19) in just 60 seconds.

The speed of action allows quick access to the treated premises, reducing intervention times and costs. It is ideal for sanitizing any environment and surface thanks to its proven compatibility with all materials, supported by various international tests.

Its innovative formula allows you to clean and disinfect in a single step.

It is non-toxic and biodegradable, therefore it is safe for people and animals and it can be disposed of in the sewer system.

It is also easy to use in all its variants: in the ONE STEP format, the reconstitution of the product is made easier by the single-dose format, saving time and space and reducing the possibility of dosage mistakes.

Practical. Sure. Effective.

The product is a powder product that can be used in two ways:

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PoliDisin™ EC Quality Assurance System Certificate

Aerosolization test of the active ingredient peroxymonosulfate of potassium peroxymonosulphate

Safety Data Sheet OZONE SOL™


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