PerAction™ – Two components – Instrument liquid disinfectant

Liquid peracetic acid-based disinfectant for invasive and non invasive instruments

Two-component peracetic acid-based disinfectant, to be activated before use. The activated solution has a peracetic acid concentration equal to 2500ppm (0.25%). The solution was developed based on its intended use and is effective up to a peracetic acid residual concentration of 1000ppm, while its biocidal activity is ensured for 14 days after activation or for 70 cycles in endoscope washing machines.

During development and validation, studies were conducted to assess the performance of PerActionTM in terms of efficacy, safety and stability according to its intended use. When studying its sporicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, mycobactericidal and virucidal activity, the device was tested at a peracetic acid concentration equal to 1000ppm.

Specific surface challenge and immersion tests were performed by simulating a treatment procedure with the required contact times to see if the disinfectant was compatible with some devices, especially endoscopes, and if there was any material corrosion or residual formation under extreme conditions.

PerActionTM device is marketed with two components: a peracetic acid solution and a buffer solution. Use of the device in an endoscope washing machine was simulated to assess the product stability after several disinfection cycles; this study allowed us to confirm that the 1000ppm peracetic acid biocidal concentration is preserved after a maximum number of 70 washing machine cycles.

The reconstituted preparation, obtained by diluting the peracetic acid solution in the buffer solution, was found not to be hazardous.

PerActionTM is marketed in 0,5L, 1L and 5L formats.




PerActionTM is suitable to carry out any top quality instrument washing and disinfection process: surgical probes, surgical instruments, various or heat-sensitive material, automated endoscope washers, fibre optics tools.

PerActionTM is used in:


Top quality disinfection of any DM labelled device or instrument for a manual application or to be used in an instrument or probe washing machine.

Thanks to its different packaging, it complies with many different functions and requirements of clinics, surgeries and sterilisation centres.

Dental sector

To disinfect dental surgical tools, manually washed or in automated instrument washing machines.

Mix the content of the two bottles (solution A and solution B)
The reconstituted solution is ready to use.

Manual disinfection

  • After accurately washing and drying all the instruments, immerse them in the solution.
  • Leave in the solution for 10 minutes.
  • Then remove the instruments aseptically and rinse with sterile water.

Disinfection of endoscope washing machines

  • Pour the reconstituted solution in the machine tank in the quantities and according to the manufacturers’ suggested modes.
  • Comply with the endoscope washing machine operating instructions.
  • The solution provides for the same antiseptic activity of 14 days from reconstitution or for 70 cycles in the endoscope washing machines.
  • Before using, carefully read the case warnings and instructions.


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