PerAction™ One Day – Liquid instrument disinfectant

Liquid peracetic acid-based disinfectant for invasive and non-invasive instruments

One-step solution with a 5% peracetic acid concentration. Reconstitute the concentrated solution with tap water in order to obtain a solution with a peracetic acid titre above 1300 ppm (0.13%), as described in the instructions for use; the titre of the reconstituted solution remains above 1000 ppm – preserving its biocidal activity – for 12 hours after dilution.

The 5% peracetic acid solution – properly reconstituted in water as required – maintains its stability and a concentration higher than 1000 ppm (minimum concentration for the biocidal activity to be carried out) for at least 12 hours, during which its biocidal activity is guaranteed. PerActionTM ONE DAY is a one-step 5% peracetic acid solution developed by adding stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors, to be diluted in tap water for limited use over time, therefore it does not need any buffer solution to be activated.

PerActionTM  ONE DAY is suitable to carry out any top quality instrument washing and disinfection process: surgical probes, surgical instruments, various or heat-sensitive material, automated endoscope washers, fibre optics tools.

PerActionTM ONE DAY is used in:


Top quality disinfection of any DM labelled device or instrument for a manual application or to be used in an instrument or probe washing machine.

Thanks to its different packaging, it complies with many different functions and requirements of clinics, surgeries and sterilisation centres.

Dental sector

To disinfect dental surgical tools, manually washed or in automated instrument washing machines.

Operating instructions of PerActionTM ONE DAY (80mL bottle)
Pour the bottle content in 3L of fresh water.
The solution is ready to use.
It provides for its antiseptic activity in 10 minutes.
The solution keeps a 1000 ppm concentration for 12 hours with the same antiseptic activity.
Before using, carefully read the case warnings and instructions.

Product operating instructions PerActionTM ONE DAY (1L bottle)

Pour 26.6mL disinfectant in the dispenser.
Pour the dispenser content in one litre fresh water. Repeat the operation for the available water quantity.
The solution is ready to use: no waiting time for activation.
The ready-to-use solution is active in 10 minutes.


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